Shipping across Europe

We are delivering products from a huge stock, across Europe, usually in max 5 business days.

Complete product range

Max Mobile provides complete product range of universal and model specific accessories, even for the newest models!

Extremely low defect rate

With a 2 years “SWAP” warranty the customer has no doubts when choosing our accessories. MAX Quality!

Attractive prices

Providing the best prices, to make the product competitive on any market.

MaxMobile is a stable, international product line with almost 2 million products sold in a year in Hungary, Croatia and surrounding countries in East and South Europe. The products are popular and well known in this region, because of the superb quality, attractive price and good after sales support.

MaxMobile products are created using high quality technology, designed by award winning croatian team and made in China.

Max mobile put always focus to refresh and actualize the product line immediately, following the most actual mobile market trends. For example, the company was one of the first, which started selling iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus accessories in Croatia and Hungary.

MaxMobile have 5 product categories:

  • Mobile and tablet cases
  • Mobile and tablet chargers
  • Mobile and tablet cabels
  • Mobile and tablet holders
  • Other mobile and tablet accessories

MaxMobile have some really special products for extreme segments, like underwater cases, “fun-phone holders” and many other products for making brand stronger.

MaxMobile is a cool brand – nice colors, good PR and marketing support and materials.

Key selling points:

  • “A” brand quality product
  • Good price point against the competition
  • Big quantities can be sold with an extremely low defect rate
  • 2 years European warranty – switch one to one
  • Possibility of creating specific portfolio for every country, depending on local requirements
  • Certified and approved CE
  • More than 10 years of experience in mobile accessories
  • Complete product range
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer


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