Over 65,000 management and operations incidents have successfully been avoided in the past 6 years with the help of Integra.

A few years ago we had decided that we would like to develop internationally competitive facility operations software to aid the daily tasks of companies.

Our aim was to revolutionalize the program, and create a solution whose renewal stems from its modular operations and its ability to be completely personalized.Thanks to our outstanding and tireless crew of programmers and facility operations experts, the past 6 years have enabled the solution to grow together with the challenges of small and medium sized companies.

The solution has thus undergone continuous adjustments to comply with the everchanging demands of the market and has become acknowledged by highly respected firms such as Huawei, Vodafone and Raifeisen Bank.

We can only hope that you will find the time to go through the brochure and thus become part of the behind-the-scenes experience which reveals our never ending know-how and interest to which we can attribute our success to date. We trust that soon we can welcome you aboard as our partner!

Why Integra?

Cost savings: The implementation of the system will immediately result in cost savings. The solution is able to enlist all potential costs. Based on serial numbers and identifiers, all resources in stock are traceable, thus minimalizing abuse. The efficiency of workforce can be measured and graded. On average, the implementation of Integra has reduced our client’s costs by 15-20% in the initial phases.

Environmental Protection: The modern firms of today pay a great deal of attention to the efficient use of resources besides being environmentally aware. With the use of our system, companies are able to spare time and eliminate otherwise unnecessary workforce hired for administrative roles. The software produces lists, records and statistics which are easily accessible digitally at any time. Using Integra enables companies to rid themselves of paper documentation, due to the fact that the system saves all data in archives.

Increased Efficiency: Companies struggle daily with the procurement of relevant data and the implementation of that data into a comprehensive file. Using Integra results in the minimalization of such activities, as the complete database is accessible at any time of the day with current reports, be it improvised or scheduled.  It does not make a difference whether we are searching for object information, the parameters of a device or the current financial state of a project; Integra allows you to make the best use of your time by assisting you from the background.

Automatization: Supplying Integra with needed parameters results in the automatization of producing and sending reports, without the need for human operations workforce. Defining certain processes can be just as well set-up as the configuration of automatic error messages to operations units. With the help of Integra all of the above can be forwarded via e-mail or through SMS regardless of the person’s geographical location.

Reorganization: The automatization processes in the company’s strategic operations lead to substantial savings in the human resources department. Implementing our facility operations software can replace workforce which result in both increased savings and efficiency. This enables you to have improved transparency on your company’s operations as well as strategically organize your HR. You will be able to distinguish between necessary and unnecessary personnel.

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